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Remarketing - What is it and how can it work for me?

Remarketing - What is it and how can it work for me?

May 28th, 2019

Capitalise on the power of remarketing to win more business

We’ve all seen them.  Those adverts that pop up on our Facebook timeline, or while we’re casually browsing the web, reminding us of that must-have item we were poring over not long ago, making you wonder if somebody is reading your mind.

Well, this invaluable tool is known as remarketing – targeted ads displayed to previous visitors to your website.

Remarketing is a great tool to recapture the interest of potential clients, and is particularly effective as it is specifically targeting those that have already expressed an interest in your business by visiting your website in the first place.

Intrigued?  We’re not surprised!  Let us break it down for you.

Make your brand hard to forget

The power of remarketing means that you can constantly remind your potential clients who you are, what you do and why they should spend their money with you.  With the ads serving as continuous reminders throughout their online experience, make your brand one that they will always remember.

Bring them back for more

Remarketing is perfect for re-engaging visitors that are no longer on your website.  This makes it the ideal way to attract previous window shoppers back to your site, and their previous interest means that the conversion rate is even higher.

Target the audience you want and score yourself some sales!

Remarketing is even more powerful thanks to its ability to target specific audiences.  This means that you can tailor your ads based on audience interests, or even those that previously reached the checkout stage, to convince them to make the purchase they were deliberating over.

Brand exposure, without blowing your budget

One of the great features of remarketing is the ability to take complete control over how much you spend, meaning that, whatever you do and whoever you target, you won’t spend a fortune in the process.

Utilise social media to cash in on conversions

Social media has taken the world by storm, and it’s no surprise.  The ease and accessibility makes it one of the most effective and profitable marketing platforms.  By utilising remarketing in exactly the same way on social media (with the ads appearing on users’ timelines as they scroll through), you are guaranteed to capture the attention of a multitude of online shoppers within your demographic and turn them into paying customers.

With our team of marketing experts armed with a wealth of knowledge and a fully collaborative approach, WEBPRO are here to get your brand seen, and pave the way for a more profitable future.

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