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Offline marketing isn’t dead

January 4th, 2022

It’s not just about Google Ads and social media!

If you own a business, you’ll already be aware of the importance of marketing your products or services. If you want your business to be a success and grow, then marketing is a core business activity that requires attention and investment. Marketing is essential when you just start out – and it doesn’t get any less important over time. Moreover, despite the emphasis that is placed on digital marketing strategies today, offline marketing is very much alive and kicking.

What is offline marketing?

Marketing was a thing long before the likes of Facebook and Google came around. In those days, all types of marketing were offline by using print-based materials to promote products, events and services. Any type of marketing material that isn’t viewed through a screen is a type of offline marketing.

However, modern offline marketing can sometimes bridge the gap between print and digital marketing by including URLs or QR codes to continue the marketing journey in other places.

Different types of offline marketing

Some examples of offline marketing materials include:

  1. Flyers and leaflets
  2. Posters and billboards
  3. Newspaper and magazine adverts
  4. Live demonstrations (at events)
  5. Free giveaways in city centres or shopping centres
  6. Business materials e.g. business cards, branded paperwork, pens

Why offline marketing works in 2022

There are three big reasons why offline marketing works in 2022. Namely, a) it connects people who feel disconnected, b) it allows for repeat exposure and exposure between people, and c) it can be just as targeted as online marketing.

Offline marketing materials offer a chance to create a human touchpoint between you and your target market. By physically handing a flyer promoting your product or service – with a smile and a greeting - you can make connections beyond the screen. Many people feel disconnected by only communicating through technologies, and offline marketing overcomes this barrier.  

Print-based marketing doesn’t disappear when you turn your attention to something else, which is what happens when you move around web pages or flick between social media or TV channels. In fact, print-based marketing, such as a flyer, allows for repeated exposure as you place it on the kitchen table or leave it in your jacket pocket and rediscover it later. It might even be picked up by someone else, doubling its marketing value immediately.

We’re often told that one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing strategies is that they are highly targeted – and it’s true. Marketers can create online campaigns that are seen by people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service. But that doesn’t mean offline marketing can’t be just as focused.

Print-based marketing can be strategically positioned or handed out in locations that are more likely to attract warmer leads. For example, you could position a billboard or hand out flyers for a new football equipment store outside of a local football stadium. Thus, the people who see your marketing materials are more likely to be into football and buy your products.

Offline marketing can help you stand out

Most online marketing teams try to come up with unique ways to help your business stand out from the crowd.

But many businesses have mistakenly abandoned offline marketing, this presents an opportunity for your business to be different and get noticed. You don’t always need unique content to make a unique campaign; you might just need to choose different methods.  

WEBPRO can assist with print-based marketing

WEBPRO provides both digital and offline marketing services. Our creative team and marketers get together to create unique and targeted campaign material that matches your brand. If you want more information about our offline marketing services, such as flyers or poster creation, speak with us today.

Recap: Offline marketing is certainly not dead and should be adopted alongside digital marketing campaigns to maximise business potential. Offline marketing presents an opportunity to be unique and offer a client touchpoint among a largely disconnected society. You can also use your print-based marketing in specific locations to make them just as targeted as online marketing.

P.S. Remember that merging your print-based marketing materials with your online presence is possible through QR codes or even just adding your website and email address to everything. We can help with that too!

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