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Will your website work across devices in 2021?

Will your website work across devices in 2021?

September 16th, 2021

Don’t shut the door on clients. Optimise your website across devices

You need a website that works on a smartphone. You’ve heard it all before, right?

But that’s not the end of the story. Google’s indexing methods and changes in the way devices are made will give you further reasons to own a mobile-friendly website. You need to hear this.

What is a cross-device website?

A cross-device website is a website that has been designed to function across all types of devices, including smartphones with smaller screens. The website may adjust in layout when accessed from a device with a smaller screen. This ensures the user can navigate the site easily or that pages do not take too long to load.  

Why websites must work across devices

So why is it so important that you allow everyone to access your website from any device? Well, if you do not make your website accessible across devices, you are ultimately blocking potential clients from finding your website (more on this soon!) and using your website easily. If your website doesn’t appear correctly on the device they are using, your visitors will give up quickly and use a competitor that did optimise their site for tablets and smartphones.

The need to optimise for handheld devices has never been greater. It is estimated that 52% of all global internet traffic now comes from a smartphone. That means anyone with a website that cannot be seamlessly accessed from a modern smartphone has blocked more than half of the market before they even get going.

Google’s mobile-first indexing

Above we said that not having an optimised website across devices makes using your website more difficult, but also that it makes it harder for you to be found by potential clients. This is because of something known as Google’s Mobile-First Indexing initiative.

In a nutshell, Google prioritises websites that have been optimised for modern mobile devices. They rank these optimised sites higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Ultimately, this means mobile-optimised websites will receive all the attention, while any business with a website not optimised for smaller devices will be left out in the cold.

Moving to larger screens in 2021

While the trend in mobile device use has been steadily rising over the last few years, another trend has begun to sweep the nation much more recently and that is screen size. Specifically, desktop monitors are getting bigger. Even tablets and some smartphones are growing in size. This trend is set to continue – and it could affect whether your website is still optimised.

Our developers at WEBPRO have noticed many websites built elsewhere that are not ready for the growth in desktop screen sizes and, in some cases, only small increases in size can cause display issues.

Subtle tech changes like these could be affecting your business, but our web designers are on hand to put things right.

How WEBPRO caters to new trends

WEBPRO is always on the front foot when it comes to changes and trends that will affect how our websites perform. We’re ready for future trends and changes by designing websites that appear and function just as smoothly on any modern device.

Not only that, but we are monitoring the Google indexing news and other tech advancements to make adjustments earlier than many other web designers.

Recap: With more than half of global internet traffic now coming from a mobile and Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative, it has never been so important to have a mobile-friendly website. Not only that, our desktop screens are getting bigger. WEBPRO ensures all our clients are prepared for future changes and trends by creating websites that work across all screen sizes just as effectively.

P.S. If you are worried that your older website does not perform as well across a range of devices, give us a call and we will be more than happy to review this for you.

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