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How to keep visitors on your website

April 12th, 2022

If you have invested in online marketing strategies to increase your number of website visitors, you don’t want to miss out on enquiries and sales at the last hurdle. Your website may be disengaging website visitors for many solvable reasons, causing them to leave early without progressing through your sales funnel.

If you don’t want to turn your hard-earned warm leads cold again – and you shouldn’t! – then it might be time to engage with a WEBPRO web expert. We can help you make small changes to your website that can make a big difference to your business’s online performance. Get in touch now to discuss the details and read on for more.

What is a bounce rate?

A website bounce rate is a term used by website traffic analysis professionals to refer to the number of website visitors that engage with your website once they arrive, and the number of website visitors who “bounce” quickly after arriving on your website. It is usually calculated as a percentage to determine how “sticky” a website is or isn’t.

A bounce rate may not be entirely accurate because there is a chance that the website visitor found the information they were seeking and left without engaging with any other website page. These people may not have an issue with the website itself and could still be included in the bounce rate. There are measures that the WEBPRO team can use to identify when this is likely to be the case.

Why should you care about your bounce rate?

If you have a high bounce rate, your website is not engaging your leads effectively enough to keep them interested in your products or services. You may have invested a lot of money to get eyeballs on your website initially, possibly through various digital marketing strategies, but then the website itself is causing visitors to give up quickly and leave.

You should care if you have a high bounce rate because it could mean you aren’t maximising digital marketing investments and you are losing out on potential clients. Moreover, having a high bounce rate is bad for SEO.

Taking a data-driven approach

The best way to improve your bounce rate, maximise marketing investments and acquire more buyers is to start with the data. Bounce rates can be calculated for all your website pages, so you will be able to see which website pages are putting people off the most and not working as they should.

Through quantitative analysis of your website, our WEBPRO professionals can identify your website’s areas of weakness and put together a strategy to make immediate and long-term improvements.

Common ways to improve website engagement

Some of the most common ways you could reduce your bounce rate and encourage more website engagement from leads are:

  1. Increase your website’s loading speed – this may be possible through an array of techniques, such as altering images
  2. Website movement and interaction – more interactive elements could increase website engagement and average session times, such as explainer videos or online tools
  3. Succinct copywriting – the content of your website should be to the point, effective and easily digestible, as opposed to a wall of uninviting text
  4. Chat feature – a chat feature could provide visitors with information directly, but just as importantly, it can link them to other pages of your website
  5. Screen size – ensure your website works seamlessly across all device types

Reduce the bounce with WEBPRO!

WEBPRO professionals can assist with a myriad of website issues and content errors that could be costing your business sales. If you have gone to a lot of effort and expense getting people onto your website, don’t fall at the final hurdle. Speak with our team now to discuss a personalised approach to your issues. Our friendly team are ready to chat now!

Recap: Your number of website visitors means nothing if they are not engaging with your site and making enquiries. It is imperative to ensure your site has a low bounce rate and keeps visitors progressing through your sales funnel. This can be achieved by using bounce rate analysis and making data-driven improvements to your website’s performance and content.

P.S:  WEBPRO can even help website owners who had their site designed elsewhere!

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