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DIY websites vs professional websites

October 12th, 2021

“I just want a simple website. I can do it myself.”

A professional web design service is when you engage a qualified and experienced web developer to create a website for you. To develop the website, they will use a semi-bespoke template that is then tailored to your business and its branding. Or they could create a website from scratch that is completely unique to you, known as bespoke web design.

The developer will have multiple discussions with you to understand your business and website objectives. They conveniently take care of everything, checking in to give you progress updates or to ask more questions. This allows you to concentrate on running your business while the website is being developed.

Sounds great, right? WEBPRO’s clients certainly think so! So why would anyone try to make a website themselves?

What is DIY website design?

DIY website design is when you develop a website yourself. You might have seen adverts, even TV adverts, telling you how easy it is. All you need to do is sign up to a CMS platform and start building your website from one of their templates.

Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case.

For most people, building the website themselves is time-consuming, and the end result isn’t what they envisioned. We’ve had so many clients come to us asking us to put their work right, and they’ve regretted not using a professional from the outset.

Let’s dive into why that is…

DIY web design costs time

The first issue with DIY web design is that it can be time-consuming. Even though these platforms are set up to make web design easy for people who have not done it before, there are still so many terms to understand and ways of navigating the process.

Of course, some people pick it up and make their site quickly, but the vast majority need to redirect their focus away from running their business for longer than planned.

And if you don’t get it right and end up using professional web design, you’ve wasted all your time, and money, in any case.

DIY web design can end up expensive

Most small business owners choose to build their website on these DIY platforms because they appear cheaper than professional website development. But cutting corners to save money on web design is not a smart move. The end result often reflects the limited spend and your cheaper site is not likely to generate the same volume of leads and sales that a professional and more unique creation would. It might not even get seen at all.

You will save money by designing a DIY site IF you can complete it within the initial costs but most templates will require add on purchases or developer input to get the functionality you are likely to need.

And if you do sign-up to any additional services and don’t execute the development correctly, and subsequently need a professional to fix it, you’re probably spending more than just using professional services in the first place.

DIY websites are not scalable

Another big problem with DIY web design is that they use rigid templates that everyone else is using. Your website blurs in with the rest of the crowd and into the background.

If you manage to grow your business with an amateur website, you typically cannot scale the website according to your business growth. If you wanted to expand your site, you’d need to start again with a more elaborate template or use a professional web developer to get what you want.

If you only want a simple website today but plan to grow the website in the future, you should be choosing web design services with scalable templates. And that means choosing a professional service.

Choose WEBPRO for professional web design

WEBPRO is a creative agency offering a selection of in-house semi-bespoke website templates which can be transformed into something more unique for your business and which work across devices. Our template website service will save you time and could make your business more profitable for years.  

Alternatively, you can speak with our team about our fully bespoke website design and development service – for unique businesses with big ambitions.

Recap: DIY websites can be a cheaper option – but this is often exactly how they look to visitors. Using a DIY platform to design your website online can cost you a professional image and ultimately, your stake in the market. They’re also time-consuming and not always scalable as your business grows. Instead, make the right choice by choosing professional web design services from the outset.

P.S. WEBPRO offers bronze, silver and gold semi-bespoke website packages. Find a site for your budget and needs with us!

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