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Branding in 2022: beyond the website

April 5th, 2022

Modern brands are action packed!

When people get asked what branding is, they usually get this feeling that they know exactly what it is but cannot really find the words to explain it. Branding is usually felt to be understood but elusive, which forces people to list the things that professional branders and marketers tend to change.

But in 2022 the concept of a brand has started to include more. Learn more about modern branding and these new additions in this quick newsletter.

The myth of branding

One of the first things that come to mind when we think of a brand is the company logo. There is no question that a logo is an integral part of a good brand, but it is by no means the only or most important thing. Other things that usually get mentioned are the business name, colour schemes, tone of voice, slogans, imagery and even your domain name. All of these things contribute to a brand, but the modern brand is much more than these things.

A modern brand in 2022 includes actions!

Branding is now community work

As the gap in wealth between different people grows - especially after the events of the past two years - more consumers are cautious about which businesses they engage with and buy from. Similarly, more people are willing to research a business and what it stands for before using it. And all of this is why modern branding also includes community work and charitable donations.

More so than ever before, modern branding accounts for what the business does away from its products and services, especially on how it is giving back to local communities and getting involved with charitable causes. It could be as simple as sponsoring a local grassroots sports team or getting its staff to participate in a local run for charity.

Branding sustainability and social responsibility

Another massive part of the modern brand is its sustainability and social responsibility. Most consumers and other businesses only want to engage with businesses that are doing their part in the battle against climate change.

A classic example is a business becoming plastic-free or offering recyclable products. Becoming a sustainable and socially responsible business positively reflects on your modern brand and can contribute to increasing sales.

How can you promote your actions?

For your brand to feel the full benefit of your business’s actions, including all community and sustainability work, you need to make people aware of all the great stuff you are doing. There are many ways this may be achievable, such as:

  1. Including any recognition/organisation badges or charity logos that you support on your website and external materials
  2. Creating a dedicated page on your website to discuss community and sustainability projects
  3. Sending out a newsletter to subscribers about your recent community projects and events. This will simultaneously remind previous clients about you and your products or services
  4. Making videos of these experiences and posting them to your website or social media
  5. Inviting the local press to interview you about ongoing community and charitable work
  6. Press releases detailing what you have done

Branding services from WEBPRO

As well as the standard branding services available through WEBPRO - e.g. logo design – we also have the personnel to help increase brand exposure relating to actions. 

Our web developers can add badges, logos and dedicated community pages to your site, while our copywriters can create monthly newsletters and press releases and our photographers  and videographers can capture the work first-hand. Speak to us for more information about these trailblazing branding services.

Recap: In 2022 there is more to a brand than logos, colour schemes and the rest of it. The best brands of the modern era highlight work that the business does to support the local community, charities and the environment. All of these actions create a more attractive brand to the general public and can contribute to business growth over time. Getting the message out there about your good work remains crucial, which is possible through your website, newsletters, videos and more.

P.S:  Research has found that 13% of customers are willing to pay more if you are doing good in the world!

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