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Are you kept busy with the demands of your business?  Have no time to deal with web based issues that may arise? Our experience and proficiency in all things online mean that we can take care of any of these issues, no matter how great or small they might be.

Whatever the size of your business, we can help. Whether you work alone and could use some assistance from time to time or you have a large corporation with your own IT department, our support contracts make the maintenance of your website easy. We can save you valuable time. We are also happy for you to run ideas by us. We will help in any way we can.


Why Choose WEBPRO?

So, why choose the WEBPRO team for support? We care. It is that simple. We pride ourselves on our levels of customer care excellence. We have the technical know-how, experience and capability to assist you with any web based issues you may be faced with.

As our name suggests, we are web professionals. And we are always happy to help.

Secure and maintain your online presence effectively and efficiently. Get in touch for more information.

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“When quite complex problems (relating to redirections and Joomla) arose with our company website I contacted various IT companies for help, but found that they gave contradictory advice, could only suggest an expensive and unwanted revamp of the site, or just didn’t understand what the problems were or what to do about them. I was tired of so-called specialists just guessing and was beginning to think we were never going to resolve the site issues, which were seriously affecting our business. Anton, however, immediately knew what needed to be done and sorted everything out quickly for us.

London Law Firm


  • Platforms

    With our supported platforms you can have complete peace of mind. We work with an ever-growing number of platforms, such as: Drupal, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart and Joomla.

  • Hosting

    WEBPRO offers a high-speed, secure and dependable hosting service which provides connectivity between your business and buyers. We offer website, data and email hosting.

  • Email hosting
    Email hosting

    For fast, efficient and secure business communications, our email hosting service is the answer – a reliable internet hosting service which operates email servers.

  • Website application firewall
    Website application firewall

    WEBPRO provides watertight web application firewall (WAF) solutions. A WAF is an application firewall specifically for HTTP applications, which ensures server protection.

  • Domains

    As a Nominet Registrar, WEBPRO can take care of domain transfers and domain purchases. We offer a speedy, seamless and cost-effective service.

  • eCommerce

    Are you looking for a trusted eCommerce solution? We can enable smooth commercial transactions that are conducted electronically through the internet.

Are you looking for a support service that is open all hours? With WEBPRO, you can have access to round-the-clock assistance. Why not get in touch?

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