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WEBPRO Hosting

Once you have the perfect website, how do you make sure that it is safe, secure and that you can attract customers, encouraging them to buy from you? This is where hosting comes in. WEBPRO provides the ultimate hosting service.

So, what is hosting and what does it mean to your company? Hosting is when a website or other data is stored on special computers, known as servers, so that it can be accessed over the internet. Our web hosting service means that you are able to ensure your website is accessible via the world-wide web. We can help you to transfer a domain name, you currently own, to our server; or we can assist in the purchase of a domain name should you need one. You will find the support we give invaluable in terms of reassurance. Clear communication, prompt and trusty advice and round-the-clock support will make you glad you chose WEBPRO.


WEBPRO's Hosting Team

Our team have the skills, knowledge, experience and capability to advise on which hosting services are most likely to suit your business, should you be in any doubt.

Familiar with all types of systems, programs and hardware, their expertise provides clarity where needed and dependable, tailored advice for you.

WEBPRO are ‘the host with the most’. Get in touch for more information.

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The team at WebPro IT worked hard to understand my individual needs, and provided useful guidance and advice throughout the development process. I am very pleased with the final result, and would not hesitate in recommending them to other IFAs and Mortgage Brokers looking for a compliant website.

Stephen Iacovou
Abbeygate Financial Planning Ltd


  • ssl

    WEBPRO’s assistance with SSL is about making customers feel secure so that they have no fear of completing a purchase, giving personal information or returning to your website.

  • Domain transfer
    Domain transfer

    We can take care of domain transfers – altering the nominated registrar of a domain name. WEBPRO is a Nominet Registrar. We offer swift and seamless transfers.

  • Domain purchase
    Domain purchase

    As a Nominet Registrar, WEBPRO can also offer domain purchase services. This is a fast and efficient service. And cost-effective too. Get in touch today. 

  • Support contracts

    Our support contracts entitle you to services such as: website content insertions and amendments and email support, including installation on PCs, mobiles and tablets.

  • Supported platforms
    Supported platforms

    You can have peace of mind with our supported platforms. We work with an ever-increasing number of platforms, such as: Magento, OpenCart, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

  • Email hosting
    Email hosting

    WEBPRO provides an effective email hosting service – an internet hosting service which operates email servers. This makes for efficient and secure business communications.

As your new web host, you can be sure of a warm welcome from WEBPRO. For a consummate server service, why not call today?

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